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Toys and Friends

Beautifully designed toys. Toys that are healthy. Toys that enlarge the realm of your experiences on this planet. Toys that literally take you places you wouldn’t have gone otherwise (surfcamp in Dominican Republic). Toys that excite you. Toys that make you look at things from different angles, literally.
Toys that make you want to learn about things that you never cared about and never thought you would (direction and intensity of the wind and swells). Toys that make you read about new things, with thirst. Wonderful, wonderful toys. Thanks to the fantastic people in my life that put these on my path, Mr. Andrew Speyer (the surfer, who also skates) and Mr. Will Garcia (the skater, who rides a bike to work almost every day). Cool people. Very cool people.
If you love the skateboard, you can design your own here, and these guys at Bustin Boards, in NY, will assemble it and ship it; just for you… They’ll even sign it and date it.

A fascinating machine (gravity as a pet)

This was absolutely amazing. Somewhere between watching one band and another we bumped into this. Apparently this Tim Scofield calls himself an artist, but he’s got some serious engineering skills too. I am not sure exactly how it works; although it’s obvious that he uses weights to counter-balance the flying person’s mass on the other side, I can’t believe that’s all there is to it. It just looks too smooth and gracious. It’s like you are watching someone beyond gravity. Or… Slapping gravity in the face. Or, well, petting gravity like a domesticated puppy.