A fascinating machine (gravity as a pet)

This was absolutely amazing. Somewhere between watching one band and another we bumped into this. Apparently this Tim Scofield calls himself an artist, but he’s got some serious engineering skills too. I am not sure exactly how it works; although it’s obvious that he uses weights to counter-balance the flying person’s mass on the other side, I can’t believe that’s all there is to it. It just looks too smooth and gracious. It’s like you are watching someone beyond gravity. Or… Slapping gravity in the face. Or, well, petting gravity like a domesticated puppy.


Regina Spektor plays John Lennon

What can I say?

Ok, I can say something. If you buy the CD where this song was included you will help “save Darfur”. Some of it is good music; and it sounds like a good cause right?

Regina Spektor was brilliant.

She walked up on the stage, alone. A girl and her piano. No band to protect her, encourage her, to hide mistakes, to reassure her about the set list. Just her. She faced thousands of music fans who were there primarily to see much louder acts than her. Yet she had all of us in the palm of her hands 20 seconds into her first song. She was brilliant. And the coolest thing is I got to talk to her after the show and tell her how magnificent she had been 😉

CSS Dances with Trees

Those “trees” were not a planned part of their show. They just happened to be there in the crowd and got invited by the band to go on the stage and… Dance. Fabulous.

CSS (from Brazil) conquers the crowd.

Yes… They are from Brazil. And their real name is “Cansei de Ser Sexy”, which means “I got tired of being sexy”. A perfect name for them. They were absolutely fantastic. A little crazy, but fantastic. Great dancing, great dialogue with the crowd, they even got some people in trees costumes to get up on the stage and dance to their songs. One of the best shows for sure. Enjoy. Fantastic lyrics.

LCD Soundsystem rocks hard.

They do… Turn those wimpy computer speakers all the way up. Notice the guy in the Kurt Cobain t-shirt. And the fabulous head bobbing Asian keyboard player.

Peter Bjorn and John. Love it.

Highlights: realizing how charmingly gay the singer seems to be, checking out his cool striped t-shirt, and getting to hear the crowd while the song is played.

Link to the official video for this song (it’s worth your time – watch it).